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Subaru Teams with Feeding America to Donate 513,693 Meals

Subaru sold 513,693 new cars in the United States in 2014, marking the first time that the automaker has breached a half-million US sales. So grateful for this milestone was Subaru that it decided to put its money where its mouth was by putting food in the mouths of millions.

To celebrate 513,693 vehicles sold, Subaru teamed with Feeding America to provide exactly 513,693 meals to people in need in the places…

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Subaru January Sales Set New U.S. Record

The 2015 Subaru Forester was just given the top safety award, Top Safety Pick+ rating. The popularity of the Forester along with Subaru's other great models helped boost Subaru U.S. to a 2015 January sales record.

Subaru is starting 2015 off on a great foot. The Japanese carmaker recently reported a total of 40,812 vehicle sales in January 2015, a 24 percent increase over sales in January of last year. With January?

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Subaru Wins 2015 Best Resale Value Brand Award


Maybe it's the Impreza's spacious trunk, or perhaps its comfortable seats, but whatever it is, the 2015 SUbaru Impreza helped Subaru win Kelley Blue Book's 2015 Best Resale Value Brand Award.

For most people, when they buy a new car, they don?t plan on driving it until it falls apart. Eventually, they will sell it or trade it in. That is why resale value can be an important factor in choosing…

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Turn Your Daydreams into Reality with the 2015 Subaru Outback

Find yourself daydreaming at the office about all the things you'd rather be doing? Us too. Fortunately, if you're the lucky owner of a 2015 Subaru Outback, those daydreams of everything you would rather be doing may not be so farfetched. Press play to check out a recent ad for the Outback that poses the question, "if there's something you'd rather be doing, why aren't you doing it?"

No matter…

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Subaru's battle of the sexes-- are women better drivers?

Women drivers, right? They're terrible bro! They just don't know how to drive. Always texting, and doing their makeup in the car.

Actually, science supports the fact that women are better drivers than men. Watch the video below for all the juicy details.

Alright, if you were watching the video you heard it: women are more likely than men to hit pedestrians in intersections. Maybe women do get distracted on phones. However, it…

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Valentine’s Day in Colorado Springs: Can’t Miss Destinations

Love it or hate it, Valentine?s Day is just around the corner. This year, don?t be that person ? looking for last minute dinner reservations. Instead, be prepared, and surprise your loved-one with a day they won?t forget. Here are some of Colorado?s most romantic spots, perfect for stealing a kiss.

1.       Pikes Peak. Surprise your special someone on a romantic drive to the top of the world. Ok, it?s not?

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Subaru Is All Over Ten Most Affordable AWD Vehicles List


It's well-known that a great part of being successful?or, sometimes, even just surviving?in the auto industry is finding a niche. Once an automaker discovers a niche, they can begin focusing on creating a great quantity of quality products that appeal to an audience with specific needs. That's certainly the formula that has helped Subaru dominate its competition for four decades when it comes to vehicles with all-wheel drive. 

Subaru launched its?
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Subaru, Sirius XM, and AT&T Team Up for Enhanced Connectivity


With Subaru's new STARLINK infotainment system, you will be able to get online no matter where you are. 

Can you say Wi-Fi everywhere? Subaru is getting the wireless hookup thanks to its recent partnership with Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Inc. and AT&T. With Subaru, Sirius XM, and AT&T all working together, the automaker's STARLINK infotainment system will be able to add 4G LTE connectivity as well as enhanced safety…

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Subaru and AT&T Team Up to Offer 4G LTE Wireless Service in Vehicles


Subaru is upgrading it's in-car connectivitiy system in some of its 2016 models by adding 4G LTE technology to help you stay connected, no matter what adventure you're on.

Subaru is jumping on the wireless bandwagon, and will use AT&T's 4G LTE network to power its Starlink in-car connectivity system in some upcoming 2016 models. When activated, the 4G LTE wireless service effectively creates a moving wireless hotspot. Passengers will have?

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The Subaru Outback Sees What You Might Not

Our customers are a priority here at our Colorado Springs, CO dealership and we love how each and every one of them is environmentally conscious, community oriented and, of course, great at driving. But even the best drivers sometimes need a little help to avoid unwanted surprises on the road. The technology in our dealership's cars like the new 2015 Subaru Outback helps out in many ways. Press play to take a look.


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